Tom Petty’s Daughters And Widow Are In Legal Battle Over His Estate

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In a new legal filing, widow dana york Petty has accused the rock legend’s two daughters from a previous marriage, Adria and Annakim Petty, of making it impossible to manage his estate, reports TMZ.

Petty’s daughters have accused his widow of gross mismanagement over her handling of the thomas early petty living Trust. His widow has called their behavior erratic and abusive. The gist of the dispute is the language Petty used when he drafted his living trust.

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Tom Petty’s widow is locked in a legal battle with the late rock legend’s daughters over the handling of his estate. Widow dana york petty claimed in new legal filings his two daughters from a previous marriage, Adria and Annakim Petty, are interfering with running his estate, TMZ reported.

Tom Petty’s widow claims the late singer’s 2 daughters are attacking members of Tom’s group, The Heartbreakers, and refusing to put out his unreleased tracks. dana york Petty claims in new court.

Tom Petty Park Dedication - Full length HD Video  Gainesville October 20 2018 Tom Petty’s widow and daughter in legal fight for control of singer’s estate The probate battle could delay a compilation album of unreleased tracks from the "Wildflowers" recording sessions.

The Heartbreakers legend died in 2017. tom petty’s widow and his two daughters are reportedly locked in a fierce legal battle as they feud over the late singer’s will and the future of his.

The key members of the Tom Petty estate are reportedly feuding over the future of the rocker’s assets.. Tom Petty’s widow, daughters in legal battle over his trust. By Adam Wallis Global News.

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Tom died in 2017 leaving behind his wife Dana and daughters Adria and Annakim. Tom Petty’s widow and two daughters are reportedly locked in a legal battle over the late singer’s will and.

"Tom Petty’s widow Dana Petty has submitted new appeals in her ongoing legal battle with the late rocker’s daughters Adria Petty and Annakim Violette, according to documents filed in Los Angeles County court on Tuesday and Wednesday." The late Tom Petty’s wife, Dana Petty, has asked a Los Angeles judge.