Poignant Photo Series Captures Raw Emotions Of Pet Owners As They Say Goodbye

Poignant Photo Series Captures Raw Emotions Of Pet Owners As They Say Goodbye.. Tommykins James. 4 hrs. Tommykins here again. I just wanted to say thank for so much good wishes, healing light, and prayers from each and every one of you. I read each one, and am very grateful.. His name is.

While I am not a Vet and I don’t save lives – I do hope that my photography brings peace to pet parents experiencing the pain of losing a pet. After a Going with Grace session, my heart is heavy but also humbled with gratitude that God chose me to help others say goodbye to their pet.

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Camera captures the moment dog realizes his family is leaving him at the shelter.. and it’s as if the emotions are as palpable and raw as a fresh burn to the skin. That basically summarizes the feelings I had when watching the video below of the owners who left their dog at a shelter in May.

Saying goodbye to a beloved pet is never easy and results in upheavals in our lives. When the pet lived with us for many years, we got some consolation from the fact that they had had a good life and brought us happiness for many years. But when the pet dies at a young age the bitterness settles in and increases the sadness.

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Poignant Portrait series show shelter dogs moments Before They Are Euthanized. October 27, 2014 by Tiffany mueller 11 comments. share;. I live in Ireland and am ashamed to say that the number of dogs ‘put down’ varies from 10,000 in 2008 – 5,500 last year . Racing grey hounds when they.