4 Living Bees Were Found Inside a Woman’s Eye & No This Isn’t the Beginning of a Horror Movie

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When I first saw this headline on Twitter, I misread it as the bees were feeding on her fears instead of tears. I guess that would be more like a Borges magical realism tale than the, say, straight-to-video-DVD-streaming body horror movie that this turned out to be. posted by mhum at 11:56 AM on April 10 [10 favorites]

Community Reviews. In Another Woman’s Husband, Gill Paul has created a fine and intimate portrait of Wallis, the woman who almost brought down the Royal Family. The modern day story starts as Diana dies, and whilst she’s not a character in the story, but her legacy is central to the characters.

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Here are 70 of the best horror movies (in no particular order) to chill your bones.. One of the most stylishly shot found footage movies you'll ever see, the makers know.. people to death for the mildest offence and abducting any woman who takes his fancy, but.. That doesn't mean that it isn't creepy as all get-out, though.

Finding great horror flicks on Netflix is tough, but dig deep enough and the streaming service does have some gems. To save you the trouble of having to look for them yourself this Halloween.

There’s no doubt that Johanna Cox’s post on. Start & End Your Flatware Shopping With snowe 4 living bees Were Found Inside a Woman’s Eye & No This Isn’t the Beginning of a Horror Movie.

Beautiful, bleak and deeply affecting, Tomas Alfredson’s stunning 2008 film gave the vampire genre a much-needed tweak with its somber depiction of one of the more unusual relationships in horror.

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Instead, it’s been largely sequestered in the horror movie ghetto. “Earth to Echo,” though, hopes to open things up considerably, with a found footage family film aimed at people who were even too.

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