My instane ramblings on life

Advocacy is a useful tool in seeking change when change needs to happen. I am a rather passionate person, and when there is a cause worth fighting for, I am there. These days I tend to focus on those topics near and dear to my life (Adoption, foster care and FASD primarily), but if I [.]

This Is Your Life (Repressed Memory Remix) – Pat Cadigan (4/5 – Renata. while Cadigan's introduction – in which she details a tragic, real-life instance of.

It's not too much of a surprise to my kids that some stuff meant to be trashed gets my special.. a yard trimmed, and non-processed meals constantly bubbling up in my Instant Pot. Certainly, this made the trip one of the high points of his life!

So I've composed a silly rambling about one of my real-life adventures to help you get.. For instance: I saw my former ten-year-old self getting caught sticking a.

It's a part of a costume for a cosplayer at work, but I'll be discussing my part of it.. to write much code and/or run up a nagios instance (or anything like that).

rambling about my life for 30 mins If you didn’t catch it, we did our own ‘live’ project last weekend – check out the Wallpaper highlight on my Instagram.

2017-07-23  · Hallo, Leute! My post today is going to be slightly different from my usual. Today I just thought that I’d talk a little about well. life. My high school.

It’s such an important time of year for me and my family that I have so many incredible memories from.” “I just got married,

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Satisfied all my favourite electronics were safe I went back to bed (with earplugs). The storm passed through quite fast -.

Last year, the California-raised Hobo Johnson entered NPR’s Tiny Desk Contest with a live. ramblings that could double as.

Replay Video SETTINGS OFF “What’s crazy is that the things that I’ve been criticized for my whole life and my past.

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