How running has helped me through two ocular melanoma diagnoses

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Ocular melanoma is the second most common type of melanoma after cutaneous and the most common primary intraocular malignant tumor in adults. Large majority of ocular melanomas originate from uvea, while conjunctival melanomas are far less frequent. Incidence of uveal melanoma has remained stable over last three decades.

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Regardless, it’s important that you regularly see an eye doctor so that if you do have OM, or any other ocular disease, it can be caught and treated early. symptoms of a primary ocular melanoma tumor typically include blurred vision, flashing lights, shadows and misting of the lens of the eye (cataract).

What are the possible Complications of Ocular Melanoma? The most important complication of Ocular Melanoma is spread/metastasis. Approximately, half of the patients diagnosed with Ocular Melanoma will develop metastases (spread of cancer), within 10-15 years after diagnosis. The liver is commonly involved in metastasis.

Most patients exhibit no symptoms of choroidal melanoma and it is only discovered through routine eye examinations. If symptoms do occur, the patient might experience the following: growing dark spot on the iris (colored part of the eye) Sensation of flashing lights; A change in the shape of your pupil (dark spot in center of the eye)

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There are sometimes no noticeable symptoms of ocular melanoma, especially in the early stages. In these instances, melanoma of the eye is usually diagnosed through a routine eye screening by an optician or ophthalmologist. Ocular melanoma symptoms include:

Diagnosing eye melanoma begins with a dilated eye exam by an ophthalmologist. Because ocular melanoma may not cause any symptoms at first, the disease is often detected during a routine eye exam.. A melanoma differs from a nevus, or mole, in or on the eye.Melanomas inside the eye are more often orange, thicker than usual, and can leak fluid.

Ocular melanoma is a lethal disease but many patients go on post-diagnosis to live long and healthy lives. Two commonalities among all of these patients who "buck the trend" of the often discouraging statistics are (i) being a proactive self-advocate and (2) living a healthy lifestyle which can involve a combination of de-stressing, excercise and diet changes.