Bet You Didn’t Think of This Reason for Regular Septic Tank Pumping!

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Keep your family and community happy and healthy by ensuring that your tank does not overflow. Reason 3: You can save money. The cost and effort of getting your Ri-Industries septic tank pumped is minimal, while a failing or improperly maintained septic system may result in costly damage. By pumping your ri-industries septic tank regularly, you can maintain the value of your property, and save expenditures on repairs. Reason 4: Satisfaction. Once you pump your tank, the job is done.

The liabilities are potentially huge and your homeowners insurance may not cover you if you didn’t do the required maintenance. It will also make selling your home difficult, I personally have walked away from houses I wanted to buy because the septic system was not in proper working order. septic tank management can be very simple.

Many times it’s difficult to know what should be happening when a service man comes to your door. We want to show the process of cleaning a septic tank, what’s involved, and that when you have two.

If your septic tank doesn’t have enough bacteria in it, the solid matter is not liquified before heading out to the drainage area. When that happens, it clogs up the drainage area. This, in turn, causes the backup to creep back to the tank, and often right back up to your toilets, drains, sinks and tubs.

I built this old house in late 1980. At the time, suburban Georgia didn’t have sewers so we went with a normal septic tank. They put sewers in about ten years ago and said we couldn’t maintain the septic system and would have to hook up to the county sewer when the tank needed service. Well, still not hooked up.

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