The Rabid Main Stream Media Hatred Of Trump Supporters By Kelleigh Nelson

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Doesn’t mean that you hate all dogs by any stretch of the imagination,’ Carson added. A top muslim civil rights group, The Council on American-Islamic Relations, on Thursday also slammed both Trump.

Additional Articles by Kelleigh Nelson ‘End justifies the means’ and Ted Cruz. Feb 03, Oh yes, all of us who support businessman Donald Trump would have liked to see a big blowout for him in the Iowa caucus, and then sweep the nation, but let’s step back and look at this from the.

April 1, 2019 Kelleigh Nelson Comments Off on 55 Years of Carte Blanche Lies By Main Stream Media By Kelleigh Nelson: The group at the FBI that doggedly pursued the false collusion story is the same group that let Hillary Clinton slide on deleting official emails.and they were aided and abetted by the MSM.

Journalist rages on Newsnight as she slams media for ‘rabid hatred’ of Trump A NEWSNIGHT guest attacked the US media and accused certain outlets of having a "rabid hatred" of Donald Trump.

Hardcore Democrat Trump-Hater Commits Terrorist Act By Targeting Republicans BECAUSE They Are Republicans. Democrats at the highest levels of politics and mainstream media "reporters" have been continually labelling Donald Trump as a traitor, as dangerous to America, as a Putin collaborator, as an A-hole.

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Notice how the segment is edited in a way where it’s not capturing everything the kids are saying. One girl even said that she agree with Trump, but they still let her down the path of saying Trump caused this mess. It’s also sickening that the Liberal media is stooping this low to bash Donald Trump. Why don’t they do it themselves? Shameful.

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Dole was a mainstream Republican. but appears to his supporters to be trying, even in the face of bipartisan resistance. His deviations from promises appear aligned with, rather than opposing,

The Love-Hate Relationship between Trump and the Mainstream Media. but one relationship that could be described as the love-hate variety is between President Donald Trump and the mainstream.

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