Fixtures Legal Definition

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Definition of FIXTURE: 1. A fixture is a personal chattel substantially affixed to the land, but which may afterwards be lawfully removed therefrom by the party affixing it, or The Law Dictionary Featuring Black’s law dictionary free online legal dictionary 2nd Ed.

Definition of Trade Fixtures. Noun. Pieces of property that are affixed, by a tenant, to a building or land, for the purpose of conducting business. Origin. 1590-1600 Late Latin fixra. What are Trade Fixtures. Trade fixtures are pieces of property that are attached to a building or land to enable the tenant to conduct business.

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The term ‘fixtures and fittings’ is open to interpretation. They are not fixtures in the legal sense, but couldbecome a stumbling block to a sale. ‘The trend for free-standing, rather than fitted,

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Define fixture. fixture synonyms, fixture pronunciation, fixture translation, English dictionary definition of fixture. n. 1. Something securely fixed in place. 2. Something attached as a permanent appendage, apparatus, or appliance: plumbing fixtures. 3. Law An item of.

fixture definition: The definition of a fixture is something set firmly in place. (noun) An example of a fixture is a bath water faucet. An example of a fixture is a person who has been the city librarian for thirty years..

Legal definition for FIXTURES: property. Personal chattels annexed to land, and which may be afterwards severed and removed by the party who has annexed them, or his personal representative, against the w

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Fixtures possess the attributes of both real and personal property. Types. Fixtures are generally classified as agricultural, domestic, ornamental, or trade. Agricultural fixtures are articles that are annexed for the purpose of farming. Domestic and ornamental fixtures are objects that a tenant may attach to a unit in order to render it more habitable.