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Di Veda (IPAc-en vedz,_vi-; Sanskrit: IAST véda, "nalij") a laaj badi a tex arijiniet ina ienshent india.kompuoz ina Vedik Sanskrit, di texdem kanstityuut di aulis lieya a Sanskrit lichicha ah di aulis skripcha a induizim. induu kansida di Veda fi bi apaurueya, we miin "nat frah man, syuupayuuman" ah "impoersnal, aatales".. Refrans

Jain intellectual and social history toward non-Jains, according to Cort, has been contrary to the modern revisionist attempts, particularly by diaspora Jains, to present "Jains having exhibited a spirit of understanding and tolerance toward non-Jains", or that Jains were rare or unique in practicing religious tolerance in Indian intellectual.

Sanskrit as an Official Language. It is to Sanskrit that not only Hindi but all the languages of India look up for replenishment and growth. The linguistic and literary resources of Sanskrit have already been referred to. The proposal for Hindi itself carried with it the recognition of Sanskrit.

By Gaurav Sharma. There was a time, when Sanskrit usage spanned the entire indian subcontinent. At its zenith, the language of the Gods became the lingua franca of the Indian cultural zone.

 · As a Mahyna Buddhist, ntideva advises practitioners to adopt the awakening mind (sanskrit bodhicitta), the altruistic intention to become a Buddha and then remain in cyclic existence for the benefit of others until all sentient beings have been saved from suffering. Someone who adopts the Awakening Mind is thereafter known as a bodhisattva, a being in the process of waking up.

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The origin of the word Kantha comes from “kontha” which means “rags” in sanskrit. Over five hundred years ago. The five facets they actively track are economic, intellectual, physical and emotional.

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