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Driven by a growing frustration at the chaos that had previously existed in the country (with many hundreds of thousands of units of measurement, varying from village to village, owing to the lack of true national standardisation), the French scientists of the late 18th century created the first practically-implemented version of the metric system.

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CRETACEOUS DEPOSITS OF WOODBURY AND PLY MOUTH COUNTIES, WITH OBSERVATIONS ON THEIR ECONOMIC USES. BY SA~ruEL CALVIN, The Cretaceous deposits of Iowa deserve consider ation on account of the important economic uses to which they are certain, in the near future, to be applied. As

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This instrument is based on research by Ron Thornton at Tufts that identified a reproducible sequence of intermediate states that all people seem to pass through in the process of gaining a Newtonian.

Geological Society of america special paper 356 2002 125 cretaceous-tertiary boundary sequence in the Cacarajicara Formation, western Cuba: An impact-related, high-energy, gravity-ow deposit

the Cretaceous, followed by a variable but generally unstable Tertiary. As in Namibia, the shelf stability is a reflection of the steepness of the gradient from shelf to basin floor, and changes in this slope gradient owing to basin uplift or subsidence would be the main drivers of structuration, assisted by organic-rich dcollement surfaces.

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Central Himalaya – Central and Western Nepal. In other words, the LHS in the Jumla area is lacking a part of the Gondwana Unit of age ranging from Late Carboniferous-Permian to Early Cretaceous. This is probably due to a greater effect by the Great Lesser Himalayan Unconformity in the Jumla area than in the Tansen area.

During the early part of the Cretaceous Period the supercontinent of Pangaea continued to break up, owing to movements deep in the Earth’s mantle. Initially North America and Europe pulled apart, opening up the North Atlantic Ocean, and by the end of the early Cretaceous, South America and Africa also began to cleave apart to form the South.

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Every fall since 1950, the New Mexico Geological Society (NMGS) has held an annual Fall Field Conference that explores some region of New Mexico (or surrounding states). Always well attended, these conferences provide a guidebook to participants. Besides detailed road logs, the guidebooks contain many well written, edited, and