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Tips and Tricks on Staining a Pergola! September 7, 2016 by Bethany Sy. Bethany Sy is the creative free-spirit behind DIY/Lifestyle blog, Reality Daydream. She and her husband have been making their 117-year-old homestead their own, and love sharing tips and tutorials along the way..

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Building a diy pergola for under $200 over a paver patio. The pergola is attached to the house with a very small slope to direct rain away from the house. Tutorial at

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Pergolas can be freestanding out in the open or on a patio. Anchoring it to the deck or the ground keeps the garden structure stable. Pergolas can also be attached to the side of a home or other building to create a covered area similar to a porch. Both pergola types are stable and incredibly stylish.

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I helped a friend to remove a pergola from their property, and decided a timelapse would be the best way to show his wife. Battery died before we managed to completely finish, but you get the idea.

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