What Is A Mortgage Deficiency Judgment?

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Their biggest fear is that the bank will file a deficiency judgment and try to get their teacher retirement. and sell the home to settle as much of the balance owed on the mortgage as possible. The.

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A deficiency judgment on a foreclosure is a court order making the debtor personally liable for the outstanding debt of a home mortgage. A lender can also initiate action against a debtor in a short sale or deed in lieu of foreclosure. Deficiency judgments in Ohio. Individual state law governs deficiency actions.

Banks who have made mortgages in North Carolina are allowed to seek deficiency judgments against borrowers. The lesson to be learned is that if you owe more on your mortgage than your house is worth and the property is in a state that allows lenders to seek deficiency judgments, you may still owe money even after foreclosure.

In Ohio, as in most other states, mortgage lenders can pursue borrowers for deficiency balances resulting from foreclosure. If the creditor does try to sue you, and if the court grants it a.

 · I am frequently asked the question: Will I Owe Money After Foreclosure? What is a Deficiency Judgment? A “deficiency judgment” is a court order against a borrower when a mortgage foreclosure sale does not produce sufficient funds to pay the mortgage balance. (repossessed automobiles sold at auction can result in deficiency judgments, too.)

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Post-foreclosure deficiency judgments: What is the Texas take?. been a drop in their property values at the same time that their mortgage debt is increasing.

 · A deficiency judgment is like any other judgment that is entered for an unpaid medical bill or unpaid credit card. After the judgment is entered, the judgment holder serves you with a “citation to discover assets” and you have to go to court and produce a.

Do You Need To Worry About A Deficiency Judgment? Qualifying For Home Loans With Deficiency Judgments. This BLOG On Qualifying For Home Loans With Deficiency Judgments Was UPDATED On March 11th, 2019. mortgage borrowers can qualify for home loan with bad credit. Lenders with no overlays will not require borrowers with outstanding collections and charge off accounts to pay those off.