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Robosigning Is Still Happening – Shocking Expose by reuters reveals banks Are Still Filing Bad Paperwork: Foreclosure Fraud Is Not Over. The robo-signing has also led to banks being in possession of, and reselling, homes that they obtained by less than legal means causing title insurance issues.

What’s Robo-Signing? As part of the foreclosure process in the 25 or so states that require judicial foreclosure, which means the foreclosure goes through court, the foreclosing bank must demonstrate that the homeowner has defaulted on the mortgage and that the bank owns the mortgage (that is, the bank has "standing").

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Beyond Robo-Signing: Mortgage Foreclosure Defense Basics Recent revelations concerning unreliable mortgage-processing methods nationwide have cast a negative light on industry practices but also opened the door to new defenses for homeowners and their lawyers involved in foreclosure actions.

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Our law firm files lawsuits against lenders for mortgage fraud. If you are looking for a litigation attorney in Los Angeles County or the surrounding area who can offer legal help, and eliminate debt and fight to keep your home, you should call one of our lawyers today.

15 Feb Foreclosure Fraud by Robo-Signing Lawyers – Our Leaders Wish You’d Just Forget About It. Lawyers are commonly referred to as Officers of the Court. Thats because lawyers take an oath upon admission to the profession to uphold the law and the integrity of the judicial process. We are the gatekeepers of justice.

Foreclosure Lawsuits. This foreclosure fraud may have involved faulty documents and/or procedures, which resulted in homeowners wrongfully losing their homes. Officials in numerous states are now investigating allegations of improper foreclosures against banks and, in some cases, other third parties.

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